Figure Technologies, Inc. への出資について / MUFG Innovation Partners invested in Figure Technologies, Inc.

MUFG Innovation Partners invested in Figure Technologies, Inc. (Figure TM) – a leader in transforming the lending experience through the power of blockchain technology

December 6, 2019 --MUFG Innovation Partners Co., Ltd. (MUIP), a corporate venture capital fund and a wholly owned subsidiary of MUFG, the leading global financial group of Japan, recently invested in Figure Technologies, Inc. (below: Figure) – a leader in transforming the lending experience though the power of blockchain technology

Figure’s flagship product is Figure Home Equity Line, a fixed-rate line of credit that provides approval in as little as five minutes and funding in five days — all online. It allows consumers to borrow against the equity in their homes without the paperwork-intensive, 45-day process traditional lenders require. Figure also began offering student loan refinance and mortgage refinance products. The company has originated over $700 million in loans.

At the heart of Figure’s lending products is Provenance, a distributed stakeholder blockchain, that was unveiled in 2018. Provenance was spun out of Figure at launch and operates as a decentralized blockchain today. The company leverages the security, efficiencies and cost advantages of blockchain for loan origination, financing and sales, and there are a diverse set of funds, banks and dealers active on Provenance today. While Figure was the first loan originator on Provenance, Caliber is now using Provenance, with multiple additional originators currently being onboarded.

Through the investment, MUIP supports Figure’s business growth and international expansion through strategic alliances among Figure and MUFG financial group.

About MUFG:

Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG) is one of the world’s leading financial groups. Headquartered in Tokyo and with over 360 years of history, MUFG has a global network with around 3,000 locations in more than 50 countries. The Group has over 180,000 employees and offers services including commercial banking, trust banking, securities, credit cards, consumer finance, asset management, and leasing. The Group aims to “be the world’s most trusted financial group” through close collaboration among our operating companies and flexibly respond to all of the financial needs of our customers, serving society, and fostering shared and sustainable growth for a better world. MUFG’s shares trade on the Tokyo, Nagoya, and New York stock exchanges. For more information, visit https://www.mufg.jp/english

株式会社三菱 UFJ フィナンシャル・グループ(代表執行役社長 三毛 兼承、以下「MUFG」)の連結子会社である株式会社三菱 UFJ イノベーション・パートナーズ(代表取締役 鈴木 伸武、以下「MUIP」)は、今般、運営ファンドである三菱 UFJ イノベーション・パートナーズ 1 号投資事業組合(以下「本ファンド」)を通じて、Figure Technologies, Inc.(以下「Figure社」)への出資(以下「本出資」)を行いました。

MUIPおよび本ファンドは、FinTech および関連スタートアップ企業へのより一層の戦略出資を通じて、引き続き、MUFGグループ各社と出資先との協業および事業シナジーを追求してまいります。


商号:Figure Technologies, Inc.



最高経営責任者(CEO):Mike Cagney(マイク・カグニー)



Figure社は、個人消費者向けの革新的な貸付サービスを提供しています。例えばFigure 社のHome Equity Line of Credit(以下、「HELOC」)は、Blockchain及びデジタル技術を活用し書類などのオフラインにおける手続きを全てデジタル化することで、従来の金融機関が借入資金を消費者に提供するまでにかかっていた時間を約10分の1まで削減、わずか5分で審査が承認された後、5日以内に借入資金を提供することができます。






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