About Us

MUFG Innovation Partners (MUIP) was established in 2019 as the Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) arm of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG). Aligning with MUFG’s purpose of ‟Committed to empowering a brighter future” for society by providing easily accessible financial products and services to consumers, MUIP’s mission is to transform finance with innovative startups.

In addition to strategic investments, we serve as the gateway for startups to synergistic collaborations with various departments of MUFG. Beyond that, we also drive new open innovation activities - involving MUFG, MUFG’s corporate clients and startups in our network - to solve business challenges, resulting in a trilaterally beneficial relationship that we call ‟3Wins (Triple Wins)”.  

As the CVC arm and a member of MUFG, we envision a world where everyone has easy access to financial services most suited to their needs. We look forward to achieving that together with innovative startups.  


Transforming finance with startups

Most startups are passionate about creating innovative technologies and businesses that did not exist. We aim to transform finance and create a new future together with such startups.


We aim to provide easier access to the best financial services

There are many people in the world who do not have access to financial services, or who feel they do not have access to satisfactory financial services. By connecting MUFG with innovative technologies from startups around the world, we aim to create a future where more people have access to convenient financial services with peace of mind.


Customer Orientation,
Frontier Orientation,
Zero-Based Thinking,
Cross Functionalities,

We are committed to providing value that exceeds the expectations of all our stakeholders. To this end, we value an attitude of constantly learning new things to understand their true nature, and a spirit of pursuing strong convictions, held loosely. We evolve together with colleagues who have diverse ideas and experiences, and we complement each other while constantly moving forward with the same goal in mind. We believe that the new ‟future” created through this process will be a wonderful one.