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Our Global Ecosystem

We are the gateway for global startups to both synergistic business partnerships with MUFG,
and strategic equity funding

Japan - MUFG, as a leading comprehensive financial group in Japan, has various functions such as banking, trust banking, securities, credit card and consumer finance. We have various services and systems in place to provide total support for each stage of the start-up process. We can explore a wide range of possibilities for collaboration, including business expansion support in the Japanese market, solution proposals to corporate customers, and digital transformation (DX) within MUFG.

Southeast Asia and India - MUFG has several subsidiary banks, affiliate banks (partner banks), and financial institutions in Southeast Asia and India, and is actively expanding into the Asian market. In addition to promoting collaboration between local startups and MUFG companies, MUFG can support both Japanese and global startups seeking to expand overseas into Southeast Asia and India.

U.S. - MUFG has a large presence in the U.S. with over 40 local offices and local partnerships such as Morgan Stanley, our strategic partner, and US Bank, our business partner. In addition to exploring collaboration possibilities with local startups, we can explore various aspects of collaboration with startups looking to enter the U.S. market, or to bring U.S. startups‘ technology, networks and best practices to Japan, Southeast Asia, and India.

Firm Profile

We manage five funds, through which we invest in and support startups both in Japan and globally

Fund ⅠⅡⅢ



Early to Middle

Fund I
: January 2019
Fund II
: July 2021
Fund III
: August 2023
MUIP Flagship Fund
We invest in and partner with innovative startups with cutting-edge technologies and services that shape the future of financial services globally. Through leveraging MUFG’s global network, we aim to maximize the impact of partner startups’ value proposition. 

Garuda Fund



Early to Middle

January 2023

MUIP Garuda Fund
We look for dynamic and innovative startups in Southeast Asia, challenging the status quo in Fintech and adjacent verticals. Through Bank Danamon and Adira Finance within MUFG, we partner startups in delivering financial and technological solutions to empower people, communities, and businesses.

Ganesha Fund




March 2022
(Collaboration with MUFG)

MUFG Ganesha Fund
MUIP supports investments and operations of MUFG Ganesha Fund, which is MUFG’s India-focused growth stage investment initiative. Through this fund, we will invest in promising companies in the areas of tech and IT, and explore new business opportunities.

Areas of Interest

Investing in companies across sectors shaping the future of financial services

  • Lending


  • Payments


  • Wealth & Asset<br>Management

    Wealth & Asset

  • Capital Markets

    Capital Markets

  • Banking Software

    Banking Software

  • Vertical Software

    Vertical Software

  • Sustainability


  • Discovery


  • Creation of new financial services
  • Improvement of existing services and business efficiency
  • Open Innovation with customers (3Wins)

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