MUIP held a work shop at Fin/Sum2019


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On Wednesday, September 4th, MUIP held a workshop at Fin/Sum organized by Nikkei and Financial Services Agency.

The main theme was “The Future of Financial Services spoken by cutting-edge Fintech startups” and a panel discussion was held in three parts. The three moderators were Mr. Suzuki; CEO of MUIP.

The outline of the panel discussion is as follows,

Part 1
“The future of corporate lending by utilizing alternative data”
-Mr. Kenta Takeshi / CEO of freee finance lab K.K.
-Mr. Seiichiro Uchiyama / CEO of Credit Engine, Inc.
-Mr. Yuki Takushi / CEO of OLTA Inc.
-Mr. Paul Chapman / Chief Executive of MoneyTree KK

Part 2
“Financial democratization led by crowdfunding”
-Ms. Haruka Mera / CEO of READYFOR Inc.
-Mr. Takeshi Kito / CEO of Crowd Realty, Inc.
-Yuichiro Fujita / CEO of Crowdport, Inc.

Part 3
“Forecast Tech, the Impact of AI market forecasts”
-Mr. Yojiro Seki / CEO of xenodata lab.
-Mr. Tomoya Kitayama / Chief Product Officer Head of R&D of Alpaca Japan
-Mr. Satoshi Noguchi / Robot Fund Co., Ltd.

All parts were worth hearing because we were able to gain brand new information spoken by cutting-edge startups; the new initiatives, the challenges of the industry, and the future images.

Thank you very much to all the speakers and people concerned.
We would also like to appreciate all the audience who visited the venue on the day.

MUIP plans to continue seeking investment opportunities in the Fintech sector with researching the latest news.

MUIP held a work shop at Fin/Sum2019